Your solar roadmap

From start to finish - a guide to our working process

Step 1


The PHE Group will require the following information:

  • Site address including postcode and pinpoint or outline the building(s) on a Google Earth image
  • Do you own the freehold - and if not, who does?
  • What is the unit cost for electricity and your annual electricity usage?
Step 4

The offer

After assessing the information on our site visit, we will then  deliver a proposal. This will include: 

  • A detailed technical solution
  • A financial breakdown of the options available to fund the project
Step 7


When planning permission is granted and the funds are in place, it's time for installation.

A final risk assessments will be done on site, and then the installation work can begin. 


Step 2

Design Stage

Taking the information submitted, our team will provide you with the following design information:

  • What size system can be installed on your building
  • The cost of the proposed system
  • The financial options available to fund the project
  • Forecast of savings during the project lifetime
Step 5

Permission to build

After getting customer approval, we will then look into planning permission.

With solar projects this often requires  Planning and District Network Operator (DNO) approval.

Our team will look after this for you.

Step 8

Customer handover

After your new Solar PV system is installed, we will work with you to ensure you know how to get the most out of your investment.

We will offer ongoing monitoring and support for your peace of mind.

Step 3

Site visit

When you are ready to move ahead, a site survey is arranged usually within a week. We will then:

  • Establish where the Solar PV system can be installed
  • Look for any structural issues with the building(s)
  • Identify any possible obstacles (ie trees) or areas of concern that could affect the Solar PV design.
Step 6


At the outset, we will have explained the three funding options available for commercial solar projects. 

You will then move forward with what option is best for you. To proceed we will require a signed agreement from your funder. 

Step 9

After Care

After installation, our team will monitor your system to ensure that it's performing optimally.

You can sit back and enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy with peace of mind.

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